We make it effortless for end-users to take better actions sooner.

The RelayiQ no-code SaaS platform is an elegant counterpoint to the vast complexity of AI and RPA technology itself. We witnessed firsthand the failed promise of operationalized AI solutions: the cost is too high, the complexity enormous, and the timeframes untenable. We believe a new era of results will come from empowering end-users by thinking beyond the dashboard. RelayiQ leapfrogs chasing and interpreting data and trades that for the power of actions prescribed directly to the workforce.

Build, deploy and distribute AI-powered applications that solve business problems fast.

The RelayiQ platform seamlessly integrates AI/ML, process mining, automation, and task management to directly deliver suggested or pre-automated actions to your workforce.

RelayiQ platform turns data into action

The RelayiQ platform enables you to usher in a new data and AI-based ecosystem, while allowing you to expand action-enabling automation into all sorts of new areas.​ You’ll achieve your AI and automation potential via a lower cost of entry, drag and drop workflow, and higher potential ROI.

  • A fundamentally different approach to operationalizing AI, BI, Machine Learning, RPA, and Process Mining
  • Achieve unprecedented ROI and acceleration of your AI and automation agendas
  • Drive business impact faster with a friction-free workflow for the modern data analyst
  • Increase business-user engagement with a branded and personalized Marketplace
  • Notification Center: A single source of the truth intelligent enough to prescribe and take actions

By Initiative

At RelayiQ, we take a unique bottom-up approach to hyperautomation that is leverageable regardless of how you define your initiative. We’ve created a no-code platform, giving organizations the power to build their own custom AI/ML-driven apps. These apps can monitor and identify outliers and anomalies in data and business processes and can send notifications and prescriptions to those who need to act on them, whether human, machine, or both.

  • PROCESS MINING – With RelayiQ process mining, you can map out actual processes as they occur in real-time.
  • BI – Go beyond reporting and building dashboards to delivering notifications, prescribing actions, and driving actual business results.
  • AUTOMATION – Your RelayiQ apps are connected to your enterprise data sources, easily detecting outliers in data and business processes, delivering notifications with prescribed actions to those who can act on them, and triggering intelligent automated workflows.
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Reshape your organization’s relationship with data, taking it from confusing dashboards and reports and transforming it into real-time, data-driven notifications and prescribed actions.
  • MACHINE LEARNING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – RelayiQ is the ideal platform to operationalize your AI/ML models for outlier detection. You can leverage our models or use your own.

By Industry

RelayiQ enables you to solve previously unsolved problems across all major industries. RelayiQ transforms the way your organization works with data. Instead of just building passive dashboards and reports you can now deliver proactive data notifications with prescribed actions from custom apps of your own design. Our no-code platform makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage powerful hyperautomation apps that can detect anomalies and outliers in your data and business processes.

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES – Adapt to regulatory requirements and deliver real-time notifications of suspicious activity along with root cause analysis and prescribed actions for remediation.
  • HEALTHCARE – Healthcare professionals can improve compliance by reducing human error with automated healthcare forms and minimizing reimbursement delays.
  • RETAIL – Using our no-code development platform, inventory analysts can create a variety of apps to analyze and act on variability in customer demand, hourly order volumes, shrink, and supplier performance.
  • ADVERTISING AND MEDIA – Your new suite of custom-built apps puts the power of predictive analytics and intelligent campaign automation in your hands so you can continuously improve conversion and reduce customer churn.
  • GOVERNMENT – Amplify your superpowers with hyperautomation tools to fight terrorism, detect fraud, prepare for disasters, and plan new smart cities — all with your own customized apps.
  • MANUFACTURING – RelayiQ’s hyperautomation platform can help you increase throughput, improve product quality, and drive supply chain efficiency with your own custom-designed apps.

By Role

With RelayiQ, you will transform and elevate every role in your organization by leveraging powerful new tools for automation and decision making. You can now build custom apps and enable departments and individuals to monitor and identify outliers and anomalies in your data and business processes, then send out automated notifications with prescribed actions to take.

  • FINANCE – Connect multiple in-house datasets to answer questions fast, detect outliers, take smarter actions, and send data-driven notifications and prescriptions to colleagues.
  • IT – Easily build sophisticated automation apps to drive intelligent automation across IT and your entire enterprise.
  • SALES & MARKETING – Identify sales bottlenecks and opportunities through data-driven insights into anomalies in win rate, pipeline, and deal size. Understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by identifying sudden changes in traffic, churn, and conversion rates.
  • PROCUREMENT – Dramatically decrease the manual steps in daily operational tasks, increasing efficiency while reducing errors by identifying and revealing outliers in data and business processes.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT – Leverage AI/ML-driven predictive analytics to anticipate when the customer may encounter a problem and resolve the issue before it happens to improve their experience.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES – Easily build apps using predictive analytics to identify potential spikes or dips in overtime, employee turnover, and compliance issues such as employees being hired out of policy.

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