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RelayiQ is the common denominator to all your hyperautomation agendas.

Many companies have invested heavily in tools and technology like AI/ML, BI, process mining, and automation as part of their digital transformation initiatives. But there’s a lack of guidance on how to operationalize this technology to solve actual business problems and drive new operational efficiencies. Gartner refers to the orchestration of these new and powerful (but too-frequently disjointed) automation technologies in the service of augmenting humans as “hyperautomation.”

At RelayiQ, we take a unique bottom-up approach to hyperautomation. We’ve created a no-code platform, giving organizations the power to build their own custom AI/ML-driven apps. These apps can monitor and identify outliers and anomalies in data and business processes and to send notifications and prescriptions to those who need to act on them, whether human, machine, or both.

“With hyperautomation, enterprises and businesses can process huge volumes of data with accuracy and precision. It makes complex processes easier and possible by bringing together humans and technology that work together in a shared workspace.”

Process Mining

We all have an idea of how we think our business processes run, but with RelayiQ process mining, you can map out actual processes as they occur in real time. Mining process data makes it easier for you to continuously monitor, improve, and choose which processes to automate in order to best increase workforce productivity. Once you have the lay of the land, it becomes much easier to build an entire suite of business applications to analyze data and detect outliers in business processes while avoiding the creation of new gaps in process execution.

RelayiQ process mining empowers you to:

  • Discover, monitor, and improve processes
  • Derive objective, fact-based insights from process data
  • Answer business and compliance-based questions
  • Measure execution capacity
  • Discover where and why things go wrong
  • Get the visibility you need to make intelligent automation decisions


RelayiQ turns business intelligence analysts into business automation experts who can go beyond reporting and building dashboards to delivering notifications, prescribing actions, and driving actual business results. With their deep understanding of data sources, analytics, and business processes, analysts are in the perfect position to experience massive career growth as the hyperautomation leaders in their enterprise. Make neglected dashboards and confusing reports a thing of the past and deliver targeted data-driven notifications with prescribed actions in real time.

With RelayiQ, BI analysts can:

  • Automate event-based delivery of business insights
  • Prescribe actions based on KPIs and data-driven events
  • Work with multiple data sources using no-code, developer-grade solutions
  • Develop BI apps purpose-built to drive business action
  • Keep your whole team connected with mobile data apps featuring personalized prescriptions to fit their workflow
  • Make better decisions with AI/ML-powered predictive analytics
  • Future-proof your apps with easy tools for making updates


RelayiQ takes a different approach to automation. Because the apps you build on RelayiQ are connected to your enterprise data sources, you can easily detect outliers in data and business processes, deliver notifications with prescribed actions to those you can act on them, and trigger intelligent automated workflows. Our no-code app builder makes it easy and affordable to operationalize hyperautomation across your entire enterprise. Now you can build, deploy, and distribute custom apps across your organization fast without the high costs associated with other AI/ML-driven automation solutions.

RelayiQ for automation empowers you to:

  • Orchestrate tools and tech that expand automation capabilities
  • Connect to multiple data sources for intelligent automation
  • Engage the workforce with easy-to-use apps
  • Measure and report on benefits of automation
  • Quickly build, integrate, and extend business apps
  • Replace passive analytic reports and dashboards with action boards and intelligent workflows to drive action and business results

Digital Transformation

Already an important corporate initiative for most organizations, COVID-19 has turned digital transformation into an urgent priority. Companies looking to rapidly replace slow, expensive, manual processes with fast and cost-effective digital tools are under more pressure than ever before. But it can be challenging to cobble together expensive off-the-shelf solutions to fit your exact needs, and custom solutions are far too cost prohibitive for many.

RelayiQ gives you the power to tailor hyperautomation solutions that fit your unique needs and approach to take back control over your own digital transformation. Reshape your organization’s relationship with data, taking it from confusing dashboards and reports and transforming it into real-time, data-driven notifications and prescribed actions.

RelayiQ for digital transformation can empower you to:

  • Adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions
  • Reduce time to market
  • Orchestrate existing tech investments for better ROI
  • Improve communications with data-driven notifications and prescribed actions
  • Free up humans to work on strategic and more-rewarding work

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Think about it. For all the hype, very few people in your enterprise actually have access to AI/ML to solve their daily business problems. RelayiQ takes a bottom-up approach to AI/ML initiatives by putting the power to build custom hyperautomation apps in the hands of those who need them. RelayiQ is the ideal platform to operationalize your AI/ML models for outlier detection. You can leverage our models or use your own. If you have been stockpiling AI/ML capabilities but haven’t seen any business results, it might be time to take a “problem-first” approach and empower your organization to build their own AI/ML-powered automation apps.

RelayiQ for AI/ML empowers you to:

  • Deliver business value faster on your AI/ML initiatives
  • Build, deploy, and distribute custom AI/ML-driven apps
  • Reduce the complexities of building enterprise apps
  • Leverage no-code, AI/ML-driven insights for analytics, notifications, and to kick off intelligent automated workflows
  • Scale AI/ML across your enterprise with your own custom hyperautomation app library


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