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Solve previously unsolved problems across all major industries.

Regardless of your industry focus, RelayiQ transforms the way your organization works with data. Instead of just building passive dashboards and reports you can now deliver proactive data notifications with prescribed actions from custom apps of your own design. Our no-code platform makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage powerful hyperautomation apps that can detect anomalies and outliers in your data and business processes. Develop your own app store and manage access levels to apps and notifications. With RelayiQ, it is easier than ever to orchestrate and operationalize AI/ML, BI, and process mining, and automation to turn data into intelligent action across your enterprise, driving measurable business results.

“It’s all about productivity. This is probably one of the most significant advantages of hyperautomation. Employees’ capabilities are potentiated and complemented. Staff can spend time on value-adding activities. No more guessing, but data-based decisions.”

Hyperautomation for Financial Services

When it comes to financial services, one size does not fit all. Now financial services professionals can build the custom business apps they need to improve compliance while reducing costs. By combining AI/ML with process mining to hyperautomate manual and inefficient processes, you can easily detect and address outliers in your data and business processes to reduce risk and streamline workflows.

Why not operationalize your data and put it to work for you? With our financial services offerings, your company can adapt to regulatory requirements and deliver real-time notifications of suspicious activity along with root cause analysis and prescribed actions for remediation.

With RelayiQ, financial services professionals can:

  • Rapidly reduce compliance backlogs
  • Meet their regulatory requirements in less time
  • Reduce regulatory risk and fines
  • Dramatically reduce manual errors
  • Improve your bank’s risk profile​
  • Detect data and business process outliers
  • Eliminate wasted effort by automating processes
  • Deliver data-driven prescriptions and notifications
  • Diagnose the root cause of important anomalies

Hyperautomation for Healthcare

You’ve always taken care of us. Now it’s our turn to take care of you. With RelayiQ, healthcare professionals can improve compliance by reducing human error with automated healthcare forms and minimizing reimbursement delays.

Hospital managers can use process mining to identify and remediate operational bottlenecks, reducing hospital wait and recovery times.

Lab technicians and pharmaceutical professionals can leverage physician data, patient outcomes, and clinical trial results to make better decisions in developing new treatments. Don’t just analyze data – put it to work for you!

With RelayiQ, healthcare professionals can:

  • Reduce claims processing costs
  • Deliver data- driven prescriptions and notifications
  • Reduce care costs
  • Detect anomalies with better accuracy
  • Enhance medication adherence with customized alerts
  • Optimize staffing based on patient flow

Hyperautomation for Retail

Retailers rejoice! RelayiQ puts the power of artificial intelligence within your reach. Identify the ideal inventory mix, optimize prices, and reduce supply chain costs using your own customer data and custom-built hyperautomation apps of your own design!

Using our no-code development platform, inventory analysts can create a variety of apps to analyze and act on variability in customer demand, hourly order volumes, shrink, and supplier performance. Turn data from insight into action using predictive analytics to identify shoppers’ preferences and needs to automate a customized white-glove shopping experience.

With RelayiQ, retailers can:

  • Use shopper and category trend data for predictive analytics
  • Improve transactional volume and customer profitability
  • Reduce inventory holding costs
  • Minimize supply chain costs
  • Optimize store operations
  • Detect data and business process outliers
  • Deliver data-driven personalized services in real time

Hyperautomation for Advertising and Media

What if you could offer the perfect upsell promotions to the ideal customer segment at the exact right time using artificial intelligence and machine learning? RelayiQ makes it easy to combine these and other powerful tools that were previously too complicated for most people to use to solve their daily business problems.

With our no-code platform, it’s easy to develop, deploy, and manage custom hyperautomation apps. Your new suite of custom-built apps puts the power of predictive analytics and intelligent campaign automation in your hands so you can continuously improve conversion and reduce customer churn. Easily detect outliers in business processes and trigger data-driven notifications with prescribed actions across your entire team.

With RelayiQ, advertising and media professionals can:

  • Identify top customer segments
  • Improve subscriber insights and campaign results
  • Provide proactive customer care
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Drive additional upsell opportunities
  • Analyze growth rates across different pricing plans
  • Deliver data-driven prescriptions and notifications
  • Diagnose the root cause of important anomalies

Hyperautomation for Government

We are grateful that you are busy saving the world and making it a better place, so we thought we’d amplify your superpowers with hyperautomation tools to fight terrorism, detect fraud, prepare for disasters, and plan new smart cities — all with your own customized apps. Our platform lets you build tools that can detect outliers in data and business processes, deliver data-driven notifications, prescribe actions for your team, and trigger automated workflows.

Go beyond just analyzing data and start using it to streamline and automate complex processes. When you have the world on your shoulders but limited resources, everything that can be automated should be automated.

With RelayiQ, government professionals can:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Use data to trigger automation sequences
  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Anticipate mission changes with predictive analytics
  • Identify suspicious or fraudulent activity and send notifications
  • Diagnose the root cause of important anomalies
  • Automate customized alerts and actions

Hyperautomation for Manufacturing

Manufacturing professionals are solving previously unsolvable problems by turning data from sensor networks, CRM, and ERP into predictive insights and prescriptions for action. You already understand the benefits of automation on the factory floor. Now RelayiQ’s hyperautomation platform can help you increase throughput, improve product quality, and drive supply chain efficiency with your own custom-designed apps.

You can even build your own app library for others in your organization to subscribe to. Your suite of custom apps will play well together and can detect outliers in data and business processes and deliver prescriptions and notifications to those who need to act on them. That way, everyone can start reducing defects and waste while removing manufacturing process bottlenecks to minimize costs while delivering a better customer experience.

With RelayiQ, manufacturing professionals can:

  • Deploy real-time process monitoring and analytics
  • Increase throughput
  • Grow services revenue
  • Develop new supply chain efficiencies
  • Increase inventory analyst productivity
  • Eliminate waste from defects
  • Reduce inventory holding costs
  • Detect anomalies with better accuracy
  • Deliver data-driven prescriptions and notifications

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