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Vision thru Delivery

We have intentionally designed our deployment process to realize the value in weeks—not months. To achieve this efficiency, we work closely with prospects through a standardized approach to establish the needed information and access upfront to ensure a smooth and valuable POC.

Our quick-start hyperautomation process and methodology. It works.


What is the problem/use case?

Our “problem first” approach requires starting with a clearly defined problem, goal, and outcome. Typically, these problems benefit from detecting anomalies in data and business processes coupled with the automated delivery of prescribed actions that humans, machines, or both should take. This scenario could include predicting part failures with manufacturing data, identifying salespeople at risk of missing their quota, identifying fraud in financial data, predicting customer churn, automating steps to improve retention, etc.


What is the business process?

What is involved in the business problem/process you want to solve? We offer process mining tools that help map these processes in detail by capturing data on exactly how they occur. To accomplish this, we need the information to know where to look and how to get started. What data exists as part of these processes? What is the data’s format? Where are data stored, and what is required to access the data?


What happens when an anomaly is found?

Who gets impacted when an anomaly is detected? Should they be involved in shaping the POC, or would they be potential subscribers to your hyperautomation app? Who would receive notifications and prescriptions in the future, and what instructions might those prescriptions carry? Are there automated processes that gets triggered by anomaly detection in addition to the prescribed actions sent to your coworkers? How do the humans and machines in your organization prefer to communicate, and which communication channels will work best (email, text message, Slack, API, Zapier, etc.)?


What data is involved, and where does it live?

Are the data involved in your business process/problem structured, unstructured, or a blend of both? What does the typical volume look like, and how much does it fluctuate? Are the data machine-generated, human-generated, or a combination? Are the data stored on-prem, in the cloud, or with a hybrid of both? Do the data live in an ERP, CRM, data lake, analytical database, etc.?


What KPI measures success?

Understanding what defines a successful outcome for the POC is as essential as determining the problem upfront. A POC can often help with one or more existing KPIs, and if not, it is sometimes better to reevaluate the nature of the problem to ensure that the effort aligns with goals that will have a significant business impact.

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