The goal is simple: provide the ability to turn data into actions in minutes, not months.

When it comes to democratizing operational AI innovations, let’s face it, the clock is ticking. From the inception of RelayiQ, we recognized the need for a holistic platform to leverage your data by integrating and unifying the broad array of AI and automation platforms, products, and innovation. Our approach represents a unique ability to manage, curate, operationalize and significantly simplify the workflow needed to accelerate AI time-to-value.

Anthony Chamberas | VP of Technology

Yeah, we’ve definitely taken a different approach to solve the challenge of BI. With BI, traditionally, it’s been the dashboard or the report is the end of the road.

We’ve seen that there is an extra mile that you need to take, and that is the delivery of insights to the end-user. But not just the insights. But what should they go do about a certain situation? That’s really what we’re trying to encapsulate in our platform. And we differentiate not only with that approach but with the tools that we’re providing that enable business users to be able to take those corrective actions.

One is anomaly detection. We have our own anomaly detection algorithms that are built into the platform but also offer the ability for customers to integrate into their own machine learning models that might detect anomalies in their specific ways. We offer process mining. So if you want to be able to monitor a business process beyond what a dashboard or report is saying to you. We offer the capability to notify an individual when a part of the process goes off the rails. We also provide this notion for a prescription.

So if I find something that is wrong in my business, what should I actually do about it? And to be able to tie those business outcomes to action. So it’s clear and repeatable every time this happens; we know what action we’re going to take and make sure that that notification and that action is delivered to the right people. We take all of that complexity process mining, anomaly detection, prescriptions. And we enable the analyst to package it together into an app. That’s really easy to consume by a business user.

These apps are something that are akin to what you would find on your phone. A business user can find it in a marketplace. Open up, add in a few simple prompts around filters and thresholds that are important to them, and then they just start to receive their notifications with prescribed actions.

It’s almost magic. It’s just with a few clicks. It just works. And it’s like having this assistant there all the time whispering in your ear when something needs their attention. So what this means to the data analyst, I’m speaking for myself; it’s finally my work gets to be seen. I’ve spent months building dashboards and just incredibly disappointed when I go and look at the click rates on these dashboards and see big fat zeros,

Nobody’s looking at them because they don’t have time to look at them. So this now allows for the work that the analyst does, whether it’s a data scientist, a dashboard developer, a report developer. To get out into the world to push their work into the business process of a business user who needs it—but not forcing it in, pushing it when it’s necessary with the right actions that they can take so that it actually provides value.

So so we’ve developed this platform to be very easy to use. And to be able to leverage the work that a data analyst has already done. Again, whether that’s with a database query, a dashboard, a predictive model, we’re not looking to replace any of that. We want to enable the data analyst to get that out into the world. And because our platform is so easy to use, the time to value your work to the benefit of the end-user is hours, not weeks or months.

So finally, the business user gets to do their job. And they don’t have to worry about, am I missing this? Am I missing this particular business event? Or is my boss going to call me and surprise me with something they saw on a dashboard that I didn’t have time to look at? The new reality for the business owner is that they can focus on their work; they can focus on the human aspects of their work. And they can let the machine tell them when something needs their attention.

Yeah, we definitely do not want to automate people’s jobs. We want to take the part of their job that they hate away from them. We want to be able to automate that mundane, that mundane activity of opening a dashboard, staring at it, trying to figure out what it’s telling them, and then figuring out from there what I should do about it and hoping not only that it’s the right action. But it’s the same action that their boss would have recommended or that their peers are also doing it.

Historically, to do what we’re offering in our platform has taken months, if not years, to implement. They’re typically focused on solving really large business problems, which means that the small business problems, which are just as painful, get ignored. So what we’re offering with our platform is a very easy way to not only solve these big business problems but also these small business problems, which are causing a ton of pain in the organization. And we’re enabling our analysts and our customers to do it very quickly at a tiny fraction of the cost.

There are two approaches to dealing with data that are suboptimal, not quite perfect. The first one is within those data sets. There are subprocesses, some sub-business activities where the data are insufficient shape to begin monitoring and viewing and taking action on that part of the business.

The other aspect of data quality that we offer is to use our tool to actually improve the quality of your data. So if you have a certain field that needs to be populated on a regular basis and that field is not being populated, that means dirty data. We can monitor that on your behalf, notify the right person that the data needs to be populated.
So over time, your data starts to improve. So it doesn’t have to be a situation where you boil the ocean; make sure everything is spic and span before you start using our tool.

Use our tool to help you clean your data and use our tool on parts of your data that are ready for use. So, I do a lot of demos of this product, and the light bulb always goes off with these prospects. When we show them that your users do not need to stare at data, they do not need to see their reports and dashboards; they can be notified and told when something is going wrong as it’s going wrong with the corrective actions. It is a complete paradigm shift of how a lot of organizations are dealing with data now.

A lot of organizations are now forcing the users to come in. They’re pulling the users into a platform that they’re not used to and not comfortable using. Our philosophy is to let the users stay where they are, let the business people work where they work, and then go to them, Send the information to them, as opposed to pulling them in and making them figure it out on their own. So what this does is it empowers our business users to focus on their job and become really superhuman when it comes to doing their job. They’re no longer wasting time with these wrote tasks or spinning their wheels, trying to figure out what to do next based off of the latest dashboard. Or data that maybe they had time to go look at, But instead focus on the human aspect of their job, the decision making, the person, the personal relationships.

And to really help grow the business in that way that no machine can ever do. Yes, I really would love the opportunity to show this product to people who could see value in what we’re doing. To people who are struggling with some of the challenges that I’ve outlined. And I’m convinced I’m very confident that a proof of concept that we do for these organizations will show immediate value.

And it will become very clear that this is the direction their organization needs to go in.

Achieve fast-track automation with a simplified and intuitive workflow. With the RelayiQ platform, organizational knowledge and processes are managed in new and more efficient ways. From data analyst to end-user, there’s a new way of being productive, and it’s called RelayiQ.

The RelayiQ Platform Architecture represents a fundamentally different approach to operationalizing AI, BI, Machine Learning, RPA, and Process Mining. At a glance, it’s easy to see how RelayiQ represents a holistic and seamless framework to achieve unprecedented progress and acceleration of your AI and automation agendas.

Technically speaking

Here are some features worth noting

Data Analysis

RelayiQ provides the tools necessary for an analyst to perform baseline analysis. These tools include the following:

Sourcing: RelayiQ’s native JDBC connector allows for connectivity to virtually any data source that has a JDBC driver.

Transformation: With a built in SQL editor, write and execute queries directly against data sources, and save them for further analysis, process mining and anomaly detection.

Augmentation: Append query results with inferences from your own or third party ML models.

Visualization: Aggregate, group and filter augmented query results with visualizations to inform your process mining and anomaly detection efforts.

Process Mining

Simply map fields in your transaction or log data to a case id, process step, and timestamp. A process diagram will automatically be rendered from the data allowing the analyst to observe and discover their business processes:

Performance: Key statistics are calculated for the entire process, as well as nodes and edges in the process diagram.

Statistics: Frequencies, durations, relative frequencies, rework, and active cases. Monitor when these statistics exceed a defined threshold.

Deviation: Define an ideal path for the process based on desired business practices. Observe the most common path through a process based on actual activity. Monitor and notify when cases deviate from the ideal or most common paths.

Variation: Compare statistics and process flows across cohorts of cases to perform A/B testing. Monitor cohorts and notify stakeholders when variation occurs.

Anomaly Detection

RelayiQ offers anomaly detection on raw, summarized, and process-orientated data. The system monitors your dataset and alerts you to anomalies using built-in models, your custom algorithms, or third-party services. The built-in anomaly detection models provided by RelayiQ are:

Simple Threshold: Metrics are compared to a static threshold (above, below, outside & between).

Statistical: Metric values are compared to some number of standard deviations from the mean of the sample from which they were drawn.

Time Series: An ARIMA (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average) model is trained on time series data. The most recent data point (held out) is compared to its respective prediction from the trained model.

Feature Splitting: An Isolation Forest model is trained on a dataset to determine the split dataset’s tree structure. New records are compared to the tree structure to determine if they are anomalies.

Dimensionality Reduction: A PCA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm is trained to decompose a dataset to its core components. New records are compared to the decomposed dataset. Reconstruction error is measured to identify anomalies. Once models are trained, they can be scheduled to run against new data streams to infer anomalies automatically.


RelayiQ allows corrective action(s) to be defined in response to anomalies detected in datasets or processes. Prescriptions can include:

Multi-channel (email, Slack, SMS, etc.), content-rich delivery of a message to the appropriate resource with corrective actions and urgency included.

Automatic execution of bots defined in third-party RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or Workflow Automation tools via RESTful API calls.

Human-in-the-middle automations send a notification to a resource, asking to approve execution of a bot.

RelayiQ is the only platform purpose-built to extract the value of AI, BI, Machine Learning, RPA, Process Mining to achieve hyperautomation in minimal time and at a fraction of the cost.

When you recognize data as fuel and use artificial intelligence (AI) as the decision engine, you unlock new possibilities that ascend your organization to new levels of productivity and innovation.

Not only will the RelayiQ platform enable you to usher in a new data and AI-based ecosystem, but it will also allow you to expand action-enabling automation into all sorts of new areas.​ Most importantly, we believe in achieving your AI and automation potential via a lower cost of entry, drag and drop workflow, and higher potential ROI is why you’ll see the RelayiQ platform as a unique and robust solution.

Drive business impact faster with a friction-free workflow for the modern data analyst

At RelayiQ, we understand that your goal is to work with the business stakeholders, surf vast datasets quickly, and surface potential insights. The good news with RelayiQ is that our seamless workflow encompasses all of that but takes it several giant steps further with the ability to create no-code apps and action-based notifications directly to your business users. When time is of the essence, speed is your highest virtue.

  • One-click access to your most recent activities
  • Alerts to recent changes in apps and their components
  • Quickly scan for errors or issues with your org’s apps 
  • Snapshot of usage data (e.g. subscribes) to see how well apps are performing

Increase business-user engagement with a branded and personalized Marketplace

With the RelayiQ Platform, you move from app concept to deployment and from deployment to user adoption quickly, easily, and powerfully. Business users are provided with your unique and secure Solutions Hub that makes it click-easy to subscribe to the data apps you’ve created. Well beyond a dashboard approach, RelayiQ puts the real power of intuitive and problem-solving automation solutions into the hands of your business users in a quick and approachable way.

  • Familiar and approachable design for company-wide adoption
  • Easy discovery of the apps that matter most to your employees 
  • Simple illustrations of each app so users are well informed before they subscribe
  • Personalized notifications to get the most from each app

Notification Center: A single source of the truth intelligent enough to take action

With the RelayiQ Notification Center, see all your notifications in one place and stay up to date on new app features available to you:

  • Quickly scan your most recent notifications
  • Discover new notification channels available
  • Know when it’s time to make changes to your subscriptions

Create modern integrated data apps in RelayiQ and run them on Snowflake at any scale

For Service Providers, the RelayiQ Platform gives you the opportunity to better serve your customers, employees, or business partners with modern integrated data apps. We’ll show you how you can develop new revenue streams based on data to help drive your business forward.

  • Manage all your client organizations from a single RelayiQ account
  • Add your company’s branding to each marketplace
  • Create department-specific app marketplaces
  • Set permissions so employees only see the apps that are appropriate for them
  • Take full control of app discovery with app labelings and categories that make sense for your org

See it. Believe it. Do it. Schedule your RelayiQ demo today.