Don’t Count Out Emmanuel Sanders

Good fantasy football players have a mental scouting report for the top 25-50 players and these mental reports stay relatively static over time. Great fantasy players have a mental scouting report for all 150-200 fantasy relevant players and their scouting reports for each player change daily as they scour the internet for new information. For the average fantasy football player putting in this much time is not practical – so whoever spends (ahem wastes) the most time gathering the most accurate and recent information has historically had the best chance of winning. Until now.

At RelayiQ we make it easy to deliver the right data and the right suggested actions to everyone in your business. No more staring at dashboards waiting for them to change or digging around for data – just timely alerts with customized action plans. So we figured why not do the same for fantasy football using ADP (average draft position) data? 

We are finishing up RelayiQ’s ADP Alert’s App which gets you all the latest information when it happens so you can mentally adjust your player assessments in real time. In our last article we showed you how this can help you select undervalued running backs. In this article we look at some examples for wide receivers and we are going with some deep deep sleepers since you are likely already following the news for the WRs landing in the top 100 spots. Here are 3 WRs we love that are going well past the 100th pick.

Best Value: Emmanuel Sanders (ADP 117.7)

Sanders was a top three receiver through the first 7 weeks of last season and he currently has an ADP 117.7. Yes, he tore an achilles in December, and yes, he is 31 years old, and yes his quarterback is Joe Flacco. But there are no signs of Sanders slowing down during camp and fantasy players are starting to take him over Courtland Sutton. 

DraftKings prop bets list Sanders (ADP 117.7) as +5000 to get the most receptions in the NFL this season, same odds as receivers like Brendin Cooks (ADP 45.8), Amari Cooper (ADP 35.8), and Robert Woods (47.7). I’ll be stretching to grab Sanders in all my leagues.

Sleeper/Breakout: James Washington (127.2)

If you are afraid to draft older receivers like Emmanuel Sanders maybe you should target James Washington instead. Antonio Brown left Pittsburgh making JuJu Smith-Schuster the new WR1 in town and making room for a new WR2. Donte Moncrief is still listed on most depth charts as the WR2 but that should not last. Both Washington’s QB and coach love what they are seeing in him and are predicting a breakout season despite a lackluster rookie campaign. The crowd is also buying it and so am I. I’ll happily take James Washington with 127 pick. 

Deepest Sleeper: Michael Gallup (ADP 164.3)

Whether it is plantar fasciitis or “intrinsic muscle strain” Cowboy’s WR1 Amari Cooper is not 100% and we are two weeks away from the start of the season. Dak’s favorite target, Ezekiel Elliot, hasn’t signed a contract. And Cole Beasley who ate up 87 targets last year left town for the Bills. Prescott is going to have to throw to somebody and Michael Gallup is the next man up. Take a flyer on Gallup with your last pick or potentially even just grab him on waivers. I especially love this move if you drafted AJ Green who we also love at ADP 58.8 but who will be out the first few weeks with an injury. 

If you find yourself entering the last few rounds thinking about grabbing a kicker or the fourth best defense do yourself a favor and beef up at receiver. There is plenty of value in the later rounds. 

Of course articles like this one with fantasy advice are only good for a day or two. What you really need is the most up to date data on ADP trends sent right to your in box or slack channel. Sine up for the RelayiQ ADP trends alert app and be among the first to have this unfair advantage. If you would like to try out RelayiQ for your business for free you can also sign up for our free trial.