Imagine being able to dramatically increase the value you deliver your clients by helping them drive much wider adoption of data-driven decision-making across their organizations. Sound too good to be true? Learn how RelayiQ can be a huge accelerator for your business. #data #digitaltransformation #machinelearning #innovation #msps

As the line between IT and business intelligence blurs, clients increasingly expect and value vendors who can provide them with data analytics capabilities such as algorithmic-based detection, actionable business insights, process mapping, prescribed notifications, and intelligent automation. While this could be a top accelerator for some, for most MSPs, insight detection, action delivery, and kicking off automation can still be a complex and fairly expensive manual process that does not scale well. Put another way, there is a significant gap in the modern MSP solutions stack around solving what is commonly referred to as the “last mile” of analytics. 

What if you could easily and inexpensively solve this “last-mile” problem for your clients, and sell a considerable amount of professional services in the process?

The answer to this last-mile challenge is the RelayiQ Action Delivery Engine (ADE). It applies automation and logic to the discovery of outliers in your clients’ data and triggers notifications, that drive prescribed actions or automated processes, or both. With RelayiQ, you can offer custom apps in an easily accessible marketplace that give granular control at the individual employee level over what detection thresholds they establish and what types of notifications they will receive.

Imagine being able to dramatically increase the value you deliver your clients by helping them drive much wider adoption of data-driven decision-making across their organizations. RelayiQ is filling the gap that exists that is preventing this wider adoption, and as a result is helping organizations maximize ROI from their existing investments in BI tools and systems. There is mounting frustration at the management level with the continued lack of adoption of data-driven decision-making by employees in their daily work.

By adding a white-label offering from RelayiQ to the analytics platforms you are delivering to your clients, each data-driven prescription in the form of a notification is tied to your brand, reminding them of the tremendous business value you provide. Enhance the benefits you are providing from the infrastructure you have already put into place and are managing for them.

Smart MSPs succeed by making smart decisions about whether to build or buy. At RelayiQ, we have built the piece that is missing from your current solutions stack. You’ve done the hard work of securing the clients and building out the analytics infrastructure, and why not add RelayiQ to automate the last-mile piece of data analytics and get credit for delivering actionable intelligent insights in real-time to the people doing the work, where they do their work, and when they do their work? 

Our no-code white-label platform for building hyperautomation logic-based apps empowers you to automatically deliver insights and prescribed actions in the communication channels they use and love (text, email, Slack, etc.). With RelayiQ, you have the opportunity to populate a marketplace full of these valuable custom apps that pull data from various key data sources, and then use that data to improve KPIs across your client’s business. The end result? Client employees enthusiastically leveraging an easy-to-use consumer-grade app, with an intuitive UI, to subscribe to the data-driven insights they crave.

What does RelayiQ look like in action? We currently OEM for an MSP with a customer who manages a restaurant chain with thousands of franchisees. The franchise owners were very interested in deploying fraud detection across all of their stores, but the challenge was that each store had a unique threshold profile for what should trigger concern based upon specific employee behavior and store transaction volume. The MSP was trying to use traditional BI tools to solve this problem but soon found that the approach required customizations and contained feature gaps that made it difficult to meet the needs of each store owner. They also discovered that the store managers at the restaurants lacked the available time and skillset to monitor and interpret data from complex dashboards, so self-service was a huge challenge. In the end, the MSP found they could not cost-effectively and reliably deliver the required solution to the customer using traditional BI tools.

Utilizing RelayiQ, this MSP easily created custom no-code apps for use in the ADE platform marketplace and empowered all of the managers to set their own thresholds for fraud/outlier detection and to choose which communication channels they wanted to subscribe to for notification. Now, every manager gets tailored real-time notifications, with detailed prescriptions for taking immediate action, precisely when they need them, where they need to receive them, and all of it is automated. 

By automating fraud detection, the restaurant chain is able to reduce their losses and are seeing obvious and quantifiable benefits delivered by the MSP. But the greatest benefits are for the MSP who can now use the RelayiQ platform to easily scale the solution across many use cases and across all of their client’s businesses while increasing profitability. The end result is more credit going to the MSP for increasing the number of insights delivered using repeatable models and apps that help avoid duplication of effort by leveraging work already done for other clients

If you’d like to learn how RelayiQ can be a huge accelerator by providing important technology that lets you deliver more value, in a repeatable way, with less effort, all while driving up your margins then head over to this link to schedule a demo with a member of our team. We’d welcome the opportunity to connect, and would love to get your feedback on how the platform can best suit the growing needs of your services business.