In the recent Harvard Business Review article “Data Science and the Art of Persuasion,” author Scott Berinato points out that:

“Over the past five years, companies have invested billions to get the most talented data scientists to set up shop, amass zettabytes of material, and run it through their deduction machines to find signals in the unfathomable volume of noise…”

But despite these massive investments:

“…efforts fall short in the last mile, when it comes time to explain the stuff to decision makers.”

At Winnow, we hear this all the time from both the executive decision makers who feel like they are flying blind and the BI directors who have created dozens of detailed dashboards for their executive team, but feel increasing pressure to deliver actionable analytic insights to help drive the business. The truth is, executives don’t have the time to continuously monitor and mine dashboards for insights to pass on to their teams throughout the organization. As a result, despite massive investments, most organizations show few signs of ever becoming data-driven.

Winnow closes this “analytic divide” by arming analysts with tools to turbo-charge their dashboards into prescriptive insight delivery hubs. Rather than expect decision makers to monitor their own dashboards 24/7 looking for meaningful changes, Winnow monitors dashboards for key insights the moment they arise and delivers individualized actions via email, Slack, SMS, etc., to all the key stakeholders.   

The market is increasingly sending signals that the time is right to solve this “last mile” problem once and for all. In addition to the recent HBR article, we are excited to share that analysts Matt Aslett and Haley Brown of 451 Research have just released a report titled “Winnow Analytics Goes Extra Mile to Expand Value of BI Dashboards to Business Users.” The report provides additional expert third-party validation for the need to bridge the gap between dashboards, which require end users to mine them for information, and the actionable prescriptive insights that business decision makers are desperately seeking.

In the report, Aslett and Brown point out that as organizations seek to become “data-driven,” the “ability to effectively make BI available and valuable to non-technical recipients becomes more critical.”  Winnow solves this “last mile” problem by enabling BI leaders to trigger prescriptive insights from existing dashboards to deliver individualized data-driven actions across the organization. Subscribers to the 451 group can read the full report here.

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