About RelayiQ

RelayiQ, an Astreya affiliate, has spent the last five years changing the way businesses think about their data. The company was founded by industry veterans that were tired of BI solutions that led to dead-end results by relying solely on dashboards and reports., As a result, they built a sophisticated next-generation hyperautomation platform designed to create a new way for businesses to operate, by empowering them to use their data to drive intelligent action in real-time to deliver real business results, where and when it matters.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 2, 2021- RelayiQ, creator of the Action Delivery Engine (ADE) business intelligence platform, today announced the strategic appointment of 3 new members to the company’s advisory board — Ivan Batanov, Jim Milde, and Ron Green.

RelayiQ’s unique bottom-up approach to hyperautomation primarily focuses on solving the “last mile problem” in data analytics for business consumers and their workforces. With decades of experience in software and product development, enterprise SaaS, and entrepreneurship, these key advisors will expand and enrich the company’s cutting-edge technology, and help further refine the long term vision and go-to-market-strategy. 

Ivan Batanov is an experienced technology executive and is currently the Senior VP of Engineering at Tealium. He has extensive expertise in software development, architecture, enterprise Saas and laaS, cloud and has built industry leading solutions including the ServiceNow platform. Ivan’s 20+ years of experience also includes running engineering at Microsoft, Yahoo, Rackspace, Kyriba and Perspecium.

Jim Milde brings with him 30 years of experience in business strategy, customer operations, and information technology. Jim’s experience ranges from being the President of NTT Data Services’ Financial and Insurance, CIO of Sony, Pepsi Bottling Group, PepsiCo and Penguin Random House and a technology leader at Accenture. He currently serves as an advisory board member for venture capital & private equity companies.

A serial technology entrepreneur and an expert in machine learning, Ron Green has built several successful companies and worked in telecom, biotech, e-commerce, social media, and healthcare. He is Chief Technology Officer at Kungfu.ai and was most recently CEO and founder of Thrive Technologies (acquired by CLOUD), a mobile healthcare startup. Prior to Thrive, Ron ran software development at Ziften Technologies, Powered (acquired by Dachis Group), and Visible Genetics (acquired by Bayer). Ron holds an MSc with Distinction in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas.

“We welcome Ivan, Jim and Ron as seasoned advisors to our team,” said Brian Borack, General Manager at RelayiQ. “The combination of  their deep expertise in building and managing innovative technology companies will accelerate our ability to optimize the success of our solution with our customers.” 

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