About RelayiQ

RelayiQ, an Astreya affiliate, has spent the last five years changing the way businesses think about their data. The company was founded by industry veterans that were tired of BI solutions that led to dead-end results by relying solely on dashboards and reports., As a result, they built a sophisticated next-generation hyperautomation platform designed to create a new way for businesses to operate, by empowering them to use their data to drive intelligent action in real-time to deliver real business results, where and when it matters.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 2, 2021- RelayiQ, a no-code, solution-rich, action-inspiring hyperautomation platform, today announced the release of the Hyperautomation JumpStart program. A common challenge businesses face is missing or unconsolidated enterprise data across a dozen resources and a company infrastructure simply not ready for digital transformation. Automating prescribed actions for humans (or machines) based on messy, incomplete, siloed data and broken, black box, business processes is a recipe for disaster. 

The Hyperautomation JumpStart program addresses data silos and inefficient and unclear business processes with a custom no code pogram designed to identify the business problem(s) to be solved, clean and unify data and data sources, mine business processes as they actually occur, and train on building and deploying your first notification driven hyperautomation app.  We hold your hand along the way and include everything you need to prep your business environment to embrace hyperautomation.

The program is designed to bridge the gap between where you are today and successfully launching your first hyperautomation app. To learn more about RelayiQ’s Hyperautomation JumpStart program, set up a free consultation with our professional services team here