Nobody had more fun at TC19 (Tableau Conference 2019) than we did! Automation from artificial intelligence and machine learning are radically changing every aspect of every business and after spending an invigorating week at TC19 it’s clear the thousands of Tableau experts we spoke with are eager to understand and embrace BI automation.

Our booth was seriously rocking all week long and while we’d like to think it was because we are cool people there is no doubt it was because we hit the right topic (BI Automation) at the right time (the emergence of AI and ML). Our CTO, Tableau guru Anthony Chamberas had all his presentations fill up completely with long waiting lists of folks who couldn’t get in (if that was you we are always here to talk). People were literally starving for information on this topic because they know what a competitive advantage automation can bring, and how disruptive AI and ML are, but understanding technology like machine learning seems intimidating and difficult to leverage in their daily work.

Some of the things that popped up most in our conversations were:

  • A strong interest in machine learning and how it can be used with Tableau
  • A desire to automate detection of important analytic events rather than depend on people to discover them in dashboards on their own
  • New ways to get analytics in front of their colleagues in an actionable format

We were happy to demo RelayiQ to these folks (alongside awesome partners and customers like Pitney Bowes and Infofluency) because it checks all the boxes they were interested in.

Just as Tableau was a game changer by making it easier for anyone to create dashboards and share insights, AI and ML are completely rewriting the BI game plan by automatically detecting insights, prescribing actions, and notifying the people who can act on them.

As much as we loved TC19, trade shows are kind of crazy in a speed dating kind of way and there is so much more we wanted to share about automating BI. So we decided to set up a series of Tableau Super Powers Workshops starting with “Detecting Outliers in Your Dashboards with Machine Learning” staring our own BI automation Jedi Knight and RelayiQ CTO Anthony Chamberas. We’ll dive into topics that will take your Tableau automation chops to the next level including:

They’ll be plenty of time for your BI automation questions at the end and we’ll be giving out free trials of RelayiQ along with free support from our experts to make sure you can get up and running successfully to meet your BI automation goals! That’s a lot of free, let’s recap:

  • Free BI automation workshop
  • Free two week trial of RelayiQ
  • Free support to get started from our BI automation experts

You have nothing to lose except for all that boring repetitive work that we can help you automate so you can get back to doing meaningful analysis. Don’t wait, let’s get started!